June 4, 2019


Two weeks ago, we talked about resilience. Not only is it key, it is a choice. (Godin, 2019). Today, we're going to discuss how to be resilient, and it all starts with awareness and anticipation. 


Change is inevitable. The sun will rise, and the sun will set. The seasons will change. Children will grow. Jobs may change. Hobbies may change. Doors may close. Doors may open. Life is unpredictable, but we can anticipate that it will change. 


Lucille Ball changed with technology and became the first woman to run a studio in Hollywood, causing a chain reaction of some of the best-known and best-loved movies. (Godin, 2019). If she hadn't been aware of change, and anticipating it, constantly adapting to the "new," where would Hollywood be? 


I mentioned in my last post to you that I am a recovering perfectionist, and with that recovery comes the ability to be aware of change, to anticipate it, even to expect it. I had to learn that change isn't bad, it's just different. I learned to adapt to my surroundings and make the situation work for me, even if it wasn't what I had planned so perfectly in my mind. 


When we know that change will happen, it makes navigating even the toughest situations easier. Why? Because we could anticipate the change and plan ahead. Thinking ahead allows us to put a plan into action much sooner than we could if we are taken by surprise. When we think ahead, we can see the possibilities and be ready for just about anything. 


Seth Godin says that when dealing with change, we should "see it, name it, accept it, dance with it." In other words, we should be aware of the change, identify the change, acknowledge what has happened, and make it work for us. Perhaps one of the best methods I have found is to talk about the change, whether that be in a journal, to a friend, to a trusted mentor, or in prayer. Not complain or search for sympathy, but to talk it out, get your thoughts and feelings organized, and develop your game plan. The change may not be under your control, but the way you react is all up to you. Make the choice... be aware, be mindful, and be nimble, my friends. (Godin, 2019). 


"We make the choice to be mindful, to talk about it... so we can be nimble when the world changes." - Seth Godin 





Godin, S. (2019, May 1). Supple. Akimbo. Podcast Retrieved from 


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