Sherry Taylor | A Letter to Her Younger Self | fadedRED

April 10, 2019

Last week, you learned a little more about Sherry Taylor, President and CEO of Mason Deerfield (MADE) Chamber. This week, Sherry has shared with us a letter she has written to her younger self. If she could say anything to her 15-year-old self, this is what she would say: 


Dear 15-Year-Old Sherry Ratcliffe,  


Be kind and inspire others to follow. Being kind to people who may not feel like they deserve it probably need your kindness the most.  People are fighting battles every day that no one knows about.  People deserve the best that you can give to them, but understand that people aren’t yours to fix.  The true gift is seeing kindness in action among others, so seek out those opportunities whenever you can.  


Do your best and be proud. Your best is your best and that should be enough.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday and ask yourself if you are in a better place than you were, but most importantly, be proud of yourself for making the effort to consistently self-improve.  It’s appropriate and necessary to celebrate your accomplishments of all sizes.  Be proud of you – you deserve it.  


Be obsessively grateful and show it. There is always something to be grateful for, and there is always someone to thank for it.  It could be your family, your friends, your co-workers, or even yourself.  Show gratitude for the love in your heart.   


I remind my 15-year-old daughter every day that if she follows these three steps throughout her journey of life, she can achieve all of her dreams.  I’ve always had a focus on being kind, doing my best, and being obsessively grateful.  I didn’t always have the focus on being proud of what my best was.  I constantly strived for perfection as a child, and at moments when I felt like I didn’t achieve it, I felt like a failure rather than celebrating all of my hard work.  I was self-conscious and didn’t believe in myself, and it took me until I was in my mid-twenties to start realizing that being an imperfect human is absolutely perfect. No need to wait until your mid-twenties. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You can start these habits any time and I believe they will take you further than you can imagine in your lifetime. 






What a powerful letter! The advice Sherry gives her teenage daughter can go for all women of all ages. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Sherry! 


Don't miss Sherry's upcoming appearance on the fadedRED Podcast, coming on April 17, 2019! Then, watch for a message from Sherry's friends on the blog, coming on April 24, 2019.  


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