Dr. Gail Kist-Kline: A Letter to Her Younger Self

March 13, 2019


Last week, we shared with you a little more about Dr. Gail Kist-Kline, President of the Christ College of Nursing. This week, we want to share a message Gail has written to her younger self. 

If Gail could write a letter to her former self, here is what she would say: 



Dear Younger Gail,  


Having the opportunity to look back gives great insight and ideas for how to be a better self. Instead of expending energy on areas that don’t really have an impact on the world, or even on you as a person, focus your efforts on those areas that will help you grow and impact others in a positive way. Save countless hours spent obsessing about body image, doing volcanic ash fasts, and making your own herb energy capsules to counter that 5 “extra” pounds. Accept who you are and be grateful for a healthy body! Avoid the stress of frantically speeding to events while changing clothes and driving. You can’t be everywhere so prioritize your days (and your nights). Learn to say, “no, thank you” to those events that don’t bring you joy. Avoid creating endless lists that tie you to the tyranny of the urgent. If you believe with experience comes wisdom, here are some things I wish I had realized much sooner:  


1) Take time to build your self-knowledge. Reflect, determine your strengths as well as areas of opportunity, and your purpose. This will allow you to fully embrace who you are and keep centered on why as well as what you are doing. When situations, pressures, decisions, and challenges attempt to derail you, fall back on your True North as a guide. Being centered gives you guidance and peace in times of chaos, stress and difficulty. 


2) Unabashedly embrace being a female leader and all that comes with this role. By doing so, you will set a clear example of authentic servant leadership for both male and female leaders. 


3) Be vulnerable. Ask for help and don’t feel you have to have it all together. This makes you more human to others and gives you space to grow.  


4) Play more, work less. When it feels like you are doing all you can to power through, stay strong, be courageous and don’t fear hitting pause and taking a break. Take time for spiritual, emotional, and physical health because no one else can or will do that for you. Be kind to yourself, my friend.    




Wiser, More Seasoned, Gail  



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