Casey Moran: Thoughts from a Friend

February 27, 2019


You've heard about Casey Moran as a business woman, and as our time with her draws to a close, we would like to share a bit about who she is as a friend. We've asked Jennifer Wilkinson, a close friend of Casey, to share some of her thoughts with us.


I met Casey in a volunteer capacity for a ministry I led from 2013-2017. In the years of working together, our relationship developed into a friendship beyond just serving in that ministry. Casey is fiercely dedicated to her family, friends and the passions that drive her. As our relationship grew, she became one of my biggest cheerleaders - providing constant encouragement and education, furthering my success as a leader. She is passionate about pouring into women, offering valuable coaching (personal and professional), inspiring others to find and develop their passions, strengths, self-awareness, and life balance - all foundational for a strong leader. Casey has the ability to draw out the strengths of all types of people, offering encouragement and support in their journey to achieve a goal or overcome a challenge.  

As I came to a crossroads in my career, facing the effects of an unhealthy staff culture, Casey offered countless hours of coaching. She leaned into my strengths and offered tools for me to make a decision about the continuation of my job role. Her support was instrumental throughout this process.

There are so many words I could use to describe Casey but I have come back to one over and over: selfless. I often joked about how much I could do in my own life if I could just "be more like Casey" (and get by with as little sleep as she does). She is incredibly balanced, finding a way to put her entire self into being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, boss, colleague or volunteer. She is passionate about taking the knowledge that makes her a success in the professional world and not only duplicating it in her personal life, but walking alongside others in such a way for them to replicate her strengths, and in turn, fostering their own strengths. She is dedicated to raising and raising up strong female leaders and has taught me to stop apologizing for who "I didn't think I was" but embrace who I truly am. Casey is an incredible role model and I am honored to not only have learned from her, but to be considered her friend.  




What a truly remarkable woman! Casey truly is a fadedRED Woman.


We have so enjoyed featuring Casey this month! Thank you for tuning in to hear the wisdom she has to share.


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