fadedRED: Build from Within

December 4, 2018


On any given day the best thing we can control is ourselves. Before spending even more time staring across the aisle at the opposite gender, let’s start with ourselves. Today, when we show up at work, we show up to a man’s world (a world structured by the male point of view). Why is that? Basically, because we as women have not secured a seat at the decision-making table . . . for whatever reason. All too often, we are waiting for permission instead of earning the right to be there because we as women, deep down, don’t fully understand how the world would be different (better) if we were involved.  


For instance, if you threaten a mother’s child, chances are you are going to find yourself face-to-face with what some affectionately call “Mama Bear.” And this Mama Bear will not hesitate to rip you limb from limb to protect her child. What we fail to understand as women is that when 51% of the population (us) is involved in less than 25% of world decisions . . . wars, education, infrastructure, energy, business, etc., it means our children, our homes, our futures are very much indeed threatened.  


Wait, am I saying men are doing a terrible job running our world? No, I’m saying half the equation for world decision-making is missing. We need both men and women showing up everyday as the powerful, incredible beings we were created and intended to be . . . Together making decisions! 


What I’d like to propose to you (as women) is that we become unified, that we support each other in excellence, that we are the best communicators, decision makers, active listeners, and people who hold each other accountable to the excellence we all desire. We build from within . . . 




Launching in January 2019, fadedRED is an arm of Timbelo.com, offering a new way of approaching our professional experiences, without villainizing either gender. We want to offer women a place to connect and hear from powerful women on how to be friends, be strong, and how to be the powerful women in the workplace without compromising what is uniquely us. 


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Because fadedRED women were born to serve, but live to lead!


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