Born to Serve, Live to Lead

November 13, 2018


Recently, I had the pleasure and honor of speaking with a local business leader in the healthcare space. Pete Zulia is a co-founder of Oxford Physical Therapy, the largest Physical Therapy practice in Cincinnati. As Pete and I chatted, one thing became clear that I really appreciate about him . . . Pete always looks for the “Yes” in situations. Pete believes that once you find the “Yes” anything is possible.


To piggyback off that thought for a moment . . . last week I started a series of articles on women and leadership. As I considered what Pete said to me, it struck me that many times as women we wait for someone to validate us as leaders (we wait for someone else to see the “Yes” in us before we believe it for ourselves. And since most of the workforce and our spouses are male, it’s usually our gender counterparts that we look to for that validation.


Women make up over half the world population. Our gender has run countries, we’ve carried titles such as Ambassador, Secretary of State, Prime Minister, CEO’s, CFO’s, Owners, Doctors, Nurses, and we’ve been the primary caregivers and influencers of generations … I think it’s safe to say, we are our own “Yes.”


So, let’s stop wondering if we are leaders in our own right and instead, let’s commit to start seeing our “Yes!” You may have been born to serve, but now it’s time to live to lead!




If you’d want to know more about Pete Zulia, check out this great article by Cincinnati People and this one from the West Virginia University website


Also, don’t miss the upcoming Small Giants Executive Breakfast Series where I’ll be interviewing Pete Zulia in front of a live audience of owners and executives of local businesses in the area. Whether you are in healthcare or not, I’m confident you won’t want to miss what Pete has to share! Register at




Barbara E Hogan

Barbara Hogan is the Founder, CEO, and President of Timbelo, Inc., a woman-owned, WBENC / SBA 8(m) certified company specializing in business strategy and culture. Barbara is also co-owner of Afidence, a local award winning IT company, with her husband, Bryan. Other experience includes strategic marketing, project management, business development, training, customer service, and office management. Barbara is also an Ordained Sr. Chaplain with the IFOC and has held other leadership positions in various ministries and boards across the Cincinnati/Dayton corridor.


Barbara has a compelling passion for impacting others and improving lives. Whether in the realm of her personal or professional life there is no distinction—people are important. She has a strong sense of integrity, bold thought leadership, and deep respect for others.






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