Did I Miss a Memo . . . Naked Doesn't Mean Beauty

July 10, 2018

  So, maybe I missed the memo . . . but why is it that when we have a women's event it's not only ok, but so often they include naked pictures, questionable statues, and other unmentionables? As women, I thought we wanted to be taken seriously? That we were tired of being objectified? Of being over-sexualized?



Let's face it, if there is a men's luncheon and in their honor the establishment brought in naked statues, pictures, etc., glorifying the male unclothed physique; wouldn't we wonder what exactly was being celebrated? Was anything of real worth accomplished? Wouldn't we as women roll our eyes and embarrassingly mutter that it's all they can ever think about . . . sex.

So, help me understand . . . please, I'd love to hear from women out there. Why in the world are we allowing or even inviting in some cases naked pictures of women at our events? I just happen to think women are beautiful with clothes on, men too for that matter. And it's much easier for me to appreciate the accomplishments of both sexes with their clothes on. Women are powerful and multi-faceted, they are CEOs, Ph.Ds., MDs, teachers, designers, care-givers, raisers of the next generation . . . so why are we flaunting a specific aspect of who we are while asking to be taken seriously? I don't think it's being prudish to say I want to be recognized for me (in here, yeah that's right, me) not because of what I'm not wearing, or how provocative I can look, but because I deserve your respect!


Please enlighten me . . .




Barbara E Hogan

Barbara Hogan is the Founder, CEO, and President of Timbelo, Inc., a woman-owned, WBENC / SBA 8(m) certified company specializing in business strategy and culture. Barbara is also co-owner of Afidence, a local award winning IT company, with her husband, Bryan. Other experience includes strategic marketing, project management, business development, training, customer service, and office management. Barbara is also an Ordained Sr. Chaplain with the IFOC and has held other leadership positions in various ministries and boards across the Cincinnati/Dayton corridor.


Barbara has a compelling passion for impacting others and improving lives. Whether in the realm of her personal or professional life there is no distinction—people are important. She has a strong sense of integrity, bold thought leadership, and deep respect for others.


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