Proud to See Women Representing Women

June 12, 2018

Last night I attended the City of Mason’s City Council Meeting. It’s something I try to do regularly for one reason . . . to be supportive of our Council Members and the City. Although being a Director on the Board for the Mason Deerfield Chamber, last night I also had a professional interest in attending . . . A proposal to change an amendment to the City Charter regarding Density.

There were a few things that stood out to me during the meeting that made me feel particularly proud of my gender.


First proud moment, I just want to commend the Mason Downtown Committee for doing an awesome job collecting signatures to amend the Charter. Sherry Taylor, CEO & President of the MADE Chamber gave an awesome explanation as to why amending the Charter is important (later in the meeting attendees commended her and asked that she make the document public). Sherry is a personal friend and colleague and I am never ceased to be amazed by her intellect, creativity, and likability. Thank you Sherry Taylor for representing our gender, the office you hold, and our city and region so amazingly well!


Second, I was also surprised to see other women come to the Council meeting, some of the likes have never attended a City Council Meeting before. Why? To support a fellow female . . . Kathy Grossmann, a City Council Member. It was personally encouraging to me to hear other women stand up and speak for our gender and for Kathy.


We have a long way to go, but when I see women representing women so well, it’s



all I can do to not say something! It gives me great hope that if we truly learn to stand for each other and what’s right, we’ll make a greater impact faster.


So, this is my personal “thank you” to the women who stand up and are courageous...the women who shine and step out of their comfort zone to do what’s right!

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