Being a Soul Seer

May 29, 2018




I'd like to extend an invitation to join me on a journey. This journey will stretch you (and me), but it will be worth it, I promise. This journey is for those who should esteem and truly love the gender we call "woman" of one, I am.


Though there have been oppressed people groups, there are none oppressed as consistently or as persistently as long as man has walked this earth as "women." Color, age, intelligence make no difference in this oppression, nor does gender, for she is also an oppressor of herself and those like her. It is this very thought I would like to explore with you in the coming weeks.


Why, you ask?


Profoundly simple . . . until we as women can truly celebrate ourselves . . . and each other, no amount of training for those who are different than us will matter. Until we stand united in respect, value, and love for ourselves, we have nothing to say to the others who see and treat us just as we also see ourselves and treat each other.


So . . . will you? Will you take this journey about ourselves and learn to stand together in celebration and support of what it means to be woman? If yes, then stay engaged and let's start a conversation that will ultimately change our world . . . but first ourselves!


For now, I leave you with this to help you remember who we are:





This one sees beyond the eyes

beyond the smile

into the soul


She dreams of peace

encompassing visions of a YES filled future

relentlessly pursuing relationship


This one reaches for your hand

because together is more important

than alone


. . . Her love is fierce!


This one is remembering

she is rising

and rising well she will


This one is woman

and she is the Seer of the Soul!



- Barbara E Hogan









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