be a waymaker

The vision of Timbelo Inc. is to be recognized as an organization that makes a reality the goals and dreams of our clients by empowering their quest.  A reality achieved through wisdom, integrity, and quality of service. And we believe everyone has been created for a good purpose. With that in mind, here are the core soul gems needed to be known as a Waymaker (a road builder) at Timbelo Inc: 

  • People of Passion: Excited, enthusiastic, energized by implementing the mission of empowering our clients and employees to Change the World by Seeing Differently . . . by unequivocal excellence.

  • People Matter: Whether it's your greeting when answering the phone, your ability to find the best solution, advise, find the right connection, or how you strategize with our clients; people matter.

  • Listen to Understand: Stop. Ask questions. Reiterate what you hear. Come together on what the need is, and then move forward.

  • High Say-Do Ratio: Do what you say you will do. Under promise and over-deliver. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

  • Be Curious and Solve Creatively: Research. Think. Be wise.  And then formulate a solution.

  • Be Brave: You are here because we believe in you. Think Big! Think strategically. Achieving our client's goals is our focus. This will bring our own success.

  • Act Honorably: Whether it is your solution or your tone . . . you only control you! Act in the best interests of both the client and Timbelo Inc. Honor and respect are a staple here, but never at the cost of hard conversations. Whisper instead of yell.

  • LEAD: Authentic strength in vision. Every solution has one Waymaker at the helm, and that is you. So, own your stuff and see the world follow as you create the opportunity.

At Timbelo, unleashing our people to ensure your success, is the epitome of "empowering your quest."

our values



You may be asking yourself, so what's at the core of these too good to be true ideas? And are they just that . . . ideas? We can assure you they are more than ideas. At the end of the day you won't leave earth with anything you own, bought, borrowed, stole, achieved, or even loved. You will end the day with you. And if you can end the day with your integrity intact, while adding value to another's life, and the people around you feel honored, well your mission at Timbelo Inc. was accomplished. Are we asking for perfection, no, just to value yourself, what you do, and value others.  If you do this then you can bring yourself and all that you have to offer to make a better place in this moment . . . your moment.  

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